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The Brewtime Collective

The Brewtime Collective is a self-organised network of independent creative and cultural practitioners in Preston that wants to create a sea-change by embedding cultural experiences in the lives and expectations of all the people of Preston.

Our Starting Point

  • To be inclusive, sustainable, and build artists' confidence
  • To talk to and learn from each other
  • To extend our practice
  • To be diverse and to embrace the diverse population of Preston with the rich culture that brings
  • To shape Preston City Council's next 12-year Cultural Strategy
  • To raise Preston's profile as an artist supportive, and supported, city
  • To lay the groundwork for a network of practitioners / cultural influencers that can develop the city's creative and cultural identity
  • To organise events and develop a cultural scene to be proud of
  • To be the go-to group for artists in the city for advice, collaboration and support.

The Brewtime Core

The Brewtime Core that 'does the doing' is made up of members of The Brewtime Collective:

Anyone who wants to actively shape an arts and culture scene we can be proud of, through improved communication and collaboration, is welcome to join our Facebook or Twitter group.

Join the Brewtime Preston Facebook Group

And our

Join the Brewtime Preston Twitter Group

You're welcome to post creative and / or cultural opportunities and events to the group, or put a call out for collaborators on there. 

If you'd like to work with us, or put forward a proposal for shared working, or you simply want some help or advice about something, email us on onstreetcorners@hotmail.co.uk and we'll get right back to you.

Gold Thread Bobbins, screen printing workshops at The Birley in  2017