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Consensus Workshop - #2 Notes

What's stopping us from moving towards our vision?

Date: 19 November 2019, download a copy of the consensus workshop notes (PDF) [153KB] or view the notes below.

Our current attitude is an obstacle of the vision

  • TRUST between communities and council (each other)
  •  Information Organisations / individuals not working together (including councils)
  • Apathy - not going out to events 
  • Disillusion."It'll never happen."

We have not seen the fruits of ASPIRATION bloom in Preston 

  • Positive message from UCLan re. graduates making / basing their career / life in Preston 
  • Social Mobilities, Seeing is believing, Role models! 
  • Experience something different in Preston

We have not collectively enabled the impact and benefit of culture 

  • Undervaluing culture (in YP's education)
  • Arts not seen as priority / important to society. Perception 

We have not secured enough money for arts and culture/ Lack of recognition of some arts/ The public perception of art is not always recognised/ There's much competition for grants

  • Over-reliance on funding  
  • Structure of Arts funding 
  • Demands of financial growth 
  • Unrealistic expectation of what councils can do? Funding.

We are (often) unwilling to share control

  • Unwillingness to share control

Our motivation for collaboration is not (wholly) led by altruistic intention 

  • Collaborative effort / openness 
  • Reluctance to change 
  • Collaboration for the wrong reasons 
  • Grabbiness and competition 

There are a lot of empty spaces in Preston that are inaccessible for different reasons

  • Lack of accessible space (use high street) 
  • De-colonisation of space 
  • Lack of initiative to keep arts and culture alive (wherever / whatever it is) 

We don't always create action from conversation 

  • Stepping stones and get walking 

We have lacked a cohesive and representative vision (Taking into action health, well-being and social value) 

  • Culture Hub of Lancashire / strategy!!! 
  • Sustainability long term  vision > action 

We are without clear routes to the necessary support network 

  • Clearer routes
  • Lack of  free support and mentorship and guidance (of ideas) 
  • Support & enablement 

We do not currently have a consistent group or team dedicated to the organisation of communities 

  • Lack of communication. Who should do this? 
  • Lack of popular support. Belief. Always smaller groups 
  • Fragmented sector 
  • Need to identify the community's gatekeeper 
  • Lack of coordination 
  • A central point to lead direction