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Priorities for Preston

Across the consensus workshops, the Blaze report and the Brewtime mapping report there is a comprehensive range of priorities which reveal the breadth of the sector, its shared ambitions and its awareness of the world in which it presently dwells.

117 artists engaged with these consensus workshops and attendees are listed in Appendix A.

A diagram illustrating Priorities for Preston

The Cultural Strategy Logo

The shapes and forms in the logo are inspired by recurring architectural elements found throughout the city: squares, circles and diamonds.

The four outer circles represent the four priorities of the cultural strategy;

  • sustainability
  • connectivity
  • wellbeing
  • ambition.

Somethings Brewing logo

The area where the shapes meet is circled, representing the coming together of people and ideas to form the strategy.

The central diamond shape is the result of all these things working together, creating a 'new' Preston, looking forward to The Guild celebration in 2032.