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Preston needs a cultural sector

  • Which understands the ecological restrictions of working in a sustainable way and addresses the needs of our shared response to the climate emergency;
  • A sector which builds on its successful engagement with all aspects of Preston's diverse communities;
  • A sector which seeks sustainable and developing funding streams and income, and a sector which ultimately invests in the next generation of artists, creatives and producers.

A Sustainable Sector Will.....

  1. Raise the confidence and profile of Preston's wonderful cultural sector and facilitate stronger collaboration between artists, communities and organisations. In doing so it will attract the attention of larger national funders who presently overlook the city and deliver increased income.
  2. Highlight the aspirations of all young people for who culture includes gaming, influencers, fashion and self-generated content.
  3. Create opportunities for young people and support the artists and art forms of tomorrow.
  4. Focus on skills development and graduate retention worthy of a University City.
  5. Support the pipeline of cultural careers, not only for those who can access academic study.
  6. Invest in and support the development of existing organisations and creatives as well as new and emerging creatives.
  7. Encourage strong cultural leadership, which understands and continues to accentuate diversity, celebrating a diverse range of voices within, and without, the sector.
  8. Increase funding and resources to facilitate a place for creative risk taking.
  9. Ensure recognition of the time and talent of artists through fair pay.
  10. Consider creative responses to the needs for innovation in terms of transport, energy and food sourcing.