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In both digital and physical terms Preston's cultural sector needs places to connect, to meet, to share, to collaborate and to promote its innovative, diverse and ambitious creative practice.

A Connected Sector Will...

  1. Seek and unlock fit for purpose physical spaces for cultural activity in the city.
  2. Build trust, understanding and skill sharing between creatives, organisations and cultural stakeholders such as the City Council, Arts Council etc.
  3. Develop strong partnerships which connect policy makers to independent artists and all aspects of the sector in between, not only in a financial sense, but through skills exchange and collaboratively attracting other funding.
  4. Utilise the new Preston Cultural Framework Board as a vehicle to lead change and development in the city and connect independent creatives and institutions together, working collaboratively, to realise the city's ambition.
  5. Provide efficient, shared online space to promote events and to reveal the critical mass of activity, which happens in Preston, all in one place.
  6. Connect to the strong community arts sector, understanding and identifying community values that bring cultures together to form a multicultural society.
  7. Support grass roots cultural activity in the city through strong independent artist networks.
  8. Facilitate ownership of shared space and understand the feasibility of longterm cultural venues in the city centre.
  9. Connect people, skills, knowledge and events in order to create a harmonious, collaborative and enjoyable city
  10. Provide a coordinated voice beyond the city connecting Preston to other major events throughout the county and beyond.
  11. Investigate and develop the concept of 'Prestoning', becoming the centre of a creative 'Magnetic North' and the narrative of a 'City of Firsts'.