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In 2032, our city will support ambition

We will nurture artists from young to old and organisations from small to large, to flourish and create innovative, risk taking, edgy, subversive work.

We will become a city of inspiring firsts. We want our city's ethos of ambition to permeate the culture and creativity in ALL aspects of the city.

An Ambitious Sector Will... 

  1. Prize the arts and culture of our diverse communities which will be recognised as part of the whole British culture scene and will be integral and embedded not only at singular or separate events.
  2. Ensure that recruitment to workforce and structures is diverse and includes under-represented groups to help arts and cultural activity flourish. This includes a broad section of appointments e.g. libraries, museums, events management and representation at senior Board level decision making.
  3. Welcome experimentation and risktaking.
  4. Invest in place making, leisure activities and cultural employment, which makes Preston a healthy, vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work.
  5. Take a leadership role in redefining what arts and culture means and the role it can play in all aspects of our lives and articulate this at a national level.