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Consensus Workshop - #3 Notes

Identifying our Strategic Direction

Dates: 22 January 2020, download a copy of the consensus workshop notes (PDF) [469KB]  or view the notes below.

Celebrating the arts, by taking creative risks/ Town into city/ Forever "Prestoning - Preston Creates

Risk taking/ subverting

  • Acceptance of reality!
  • Understanding Motivations 
  • Edgy i.e.. grime scene, underground techno 


  • Big Preston Festival (theatre, dance, film, art, nature, music) 
  • Festival of E-Making. E-sport, craft, food and beer and gaming 
  • Massive competition with a mega prize 
  • Paint Preston 
  • Annual Celebration: social gathering, awards 
  • Guild celebration: makers, designers
  • Arts Trail Preston and beyond across county 
  • Build on existing initiatives e.g.. Arts Festival


  • Giant egg to roll
  • Preston multi-year large HLF bid £1m+ 
  • Preston Holiday week in Guild Year 
  • Infrastructure Preston Creative Model
  • Hub
  • Guilds Arts Website or app (survey)
  • Preston Arts & Culture Lottery Funding for opportunities

Connecting people, skills, knowledge and events in order to create a harmonious, collaborative and enjoyable city


  • Centralised funded database website
  • Gate Keeper Advocate / broker / database / listing / communication / subscription funded
  • Integration of university and city
  • Map assets. Identify resources > Connect to requirements
  • An online hub and library of knowledge & resources
  • Central communication to general public. Accessibility & affordability
  • Cross Arts networking. Business advice. Like this event

Exploring / Listening

  • Research - Ask people how they see Preston culture
  • Reach out to retail. Business interest groups. Vol Arts
  • Create focal groups - at which PAA is one
  • Promotion of sector and what it contributes. Preston Creative Model
  • People Power - Collective ownership. Guild Hall

Including / Encouraging / Nurturing

  • A fully inclusive arts in education policy. Arts as a human right. Mobile art gallery (outreach programme)
  • Involvement of more young people in the arts
  • Regular art & cultural activities for young people / all people and inclusive of minorities and under-represented

Learning / Linking / Joining / Exchanging

  • Twinning and learning from other cities. Sharing best practice
  • Inter-generational monitoring system and organisations buddying
  • Increase confidence. International festival. Preston cultural exchange

Developing routes to independent financial sustainability 

Resourcing / Structuring

  • A group of people dedicated to seeking out funding
  • Funding. Collaborative and communicate to maximise bids
  • Cultural thematic working group

Unlocking space for culture and arts in Preston

  • Unlock unused space / policy
  • To create physical network - citizens advice bureau for arts
  • Opening up empty spaces (unusual)
  • Consortium funding for building
  • Capital bid - buy the Guild Hall

Occupying / Commandeering

  • Squat a community building. Long term
  • Guild Hall Central arts space
  • Reuse heritage buildings.  Guild Hall. Arts Hub / centre e.g. The Storey House, Chester, The Storey, Lancaster
  • Multi-purpose arts centre including info hub (Harris Institute)
  • Big space. Small space. Physical / virtual. Private sector - LA - Guild Hall